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Crystal Cave

One of the highlights of our quick one day tour of Sequoia was the Crystal Cave. We had to buy tickets ahead of time at the visitor’s center and scheduled the rest of our day around the cave tour. Once at the location, you had to disinfect your shoes or any materials necessary and then hike for 20 minutes down to the cave itself.

While the walk down to the cave was pleasant enough, it would prove most annoying to go back up again after the tour. Hellish hill hike number 3 of the vacation. But at least the cave was a nice balmy 48F inside. I loved it and didn’t want to leave.

I’d never been in a cave before and at first, I thought I’d be a little frightened of it. But actually I was more fascinated than anything else and wanted to wander further than the confines of the tour.

I was thoroughly chilled, but not cold after the tour. Once back out in the mid afternoon heat, I paused and wondered how long I could hang out in the cave before anyone would notice. The hike back up to the information booth had me as hot and sweaty as I was after Moro Rock earlier in the morning.

At least it was scenic with lovely mini waterfalls and mossy rocks. And a panting Zach.

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Sequoia National Forest? When I lived in California, I went to Sequoia several times for hiking/camping. It's so lovely there, I'm so happy for you that you guys are exploring the West a bit!

We were in the park. It was really beautiful there.

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